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Paid Advertising

Transform Clicks into Revenue: Precision-Crafted PPC Campaigns

As a Certified Google Ads Partner, SEO Fundamentals helps companies increase their visibility, reduce wasted spend and increase ROI across the most competitive terms and industries.

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We double your ROI, not your budget.

Looking for a run-of-the-mill, 'let’s just slap some ads together' agency? Sorry, you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere. We’re in the business of crafting campaigns that work so hard, they practically break a sweat. So, if you’re ready to leave mediocrity in the dust and double your ROI without draining your wallet, you're in the right place. 

At SEO Fundamentals we take into account every facet of your campaign from keyword selection, and ad creative to landing page optimization, and lead scoring. The result: more leads, more



in Cost per Lead



in Deal Value



in Sales Velocity

Our Paid Advertising Services help you grow.

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Make data-driven investments.

Every dollar you invest is guided by detailed data analysis and actionable insights. Utilizing the latest tools and analytics, we transform your paid advertising from a mere expense into a strategic, data-informed investment tailored to your business objectives.

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Optimize campaign messaging.

Fine-tune your campaign messaging to resonate with your target audience. We analyze market trends and consumer behavior to create tailored messages that not only capture attention but also drive engagement.

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Generate a positive return on investment.

Maximize your ROI. Our team diligently monitors, analyzes, and refines your campaigns for direct audience impact and measurable outcomes. Rely on our expertise to turn your PPC strategies into profitable results that boost your bottom line.

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Align your paid and organic efforts.

Our approach seamlessly integrates PPC strategies with your organic efforts, ensuring a cohesive and efficient marketing operation that grows your marketing funnel and delivers sales qualified leads.

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Grow your opportunities and pipeline.

Boost your sales figures and expand your business opportunities with our effective paid advertising. Our strategy focuses on delivering leads that are primed for conversion and eager to purchase, enhancing both your lead volume and sales velocity.

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Custom Reporting, Transparent Results

Custom PPC ad reporting promotes transparency by consolidating all your metrics into one easy dashboard. Ensuring you are always in the know, fostering trust and empowering you to make decisions with confidence.

Our Process

An Agile Approach to Paid Advertising

SEO Fundamentals has developed a four-part approach to projects that consistently fosters creativity, team consensus and produces measurable results.
PPC Process - Learn

Understanding Your Business

Our marketing strategy begins with a focused effort to understand your business objectives and the challenges you face discussing business objectives, audience dynamics, and strategic positioning. This initial phase is crucial for tailoring our approach to meet your specific needs effectively.

Following our initial conversations, we utilize leading industry tools like SEMrush, HubSpot, and Google Ads to conduct a thorough audit of your current marketing efforts to assess what works and pinpoint areas of improvement.

PPC Process - Define

Strategic Planning and Budget Optimization

We craft a strategic marketing plan prioritizing effective budget use, creative messaging, and precise audience targeting. We ensure that every aspect of your marketing strategy is fine-tuned, from digital ads to landing pages and marketing automation, to engage with new leads to meet your objectives.

PPC Process - Create

Strategic Execution and Operational Detailing

Once we agree on a strategy and develop a detailed plan, we get to work. Our campaigns adopt an intent-first approach, prioritizing revenue generation over tracking 'vanity metrics.' We focus on critical metrics such as cost per opportunity and average deal value to maximize ROI and ROAS. We meticulously configure each campaign for optimal performance across all channels, ensuring they are not only launched but also fine-tuned to achieve maximum impact.

PPC Process - Revise

Data-Driven Campaign Optimization

Analyzing rich data and insights from ongoing ad performance, we strategically refine your campaigns. Our process is rooted in a systematic data-centric approach, where we initiate targeted testing to discover optimal variations in ad creatives, messaging, and campaign structures. Together, we determine how to increase the leads that are converting into opportunities and closed deals to adjust the paid program accordingly.

Unified Marketing Approach

Bespoke, scalable, & sustainable

A Unified Demand Generation Approach

Unlike typical providers who only focus on your ad strategy, at SEO Fundamentals, we see paid advertising as a part of your broader marketing effort.

That's why we take a holistic, data-drive approach to paid advertising to take into account every facet of a campaign, collaborating closely with specialists in content creation, demand generation, marketing automation, and RevOps. 

This approach ensures we deliver data-driven, customer-focused ad campaigns that not only generate revenue but also drive substantial ROI.


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