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Paid Advertising Assessment

Identify Opportunities, Eliminate Waste, and Supercharge Your ROI with a Comprehensive Ad Assessment

In today's digital marketing environment demonstrating ROI necessitates you don't waste spend on your advertising. As experts in B2B Digital Marketing, our paid advertising team will evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising program across Google Ads (Search, Display, and Video), LinkedIn, and Facebook to identify opportunities for you to optimize spend, scale conversion, and secure a higher return on your investment. 

What to expect from your Paid Advertising Assessment

  • Bid Strategy and Budget Allocation: Evaluate how effectively your budget is allocated across campaigns, ensuring optimal bid strategies are employed for maximum ROI.
  • Audience Targeting and Segmentation: Focus on the precision and effectiveness of your audience targeting and segmentation, ensuring you reach the right audience with your ads.
  • Conversion Tracking and Attribution: Verify your account is tracking conversion accurately so advertising algorithms setup and attribution models to ensure accurate measurement of campaign performance and ROI.
  • Ad Copy and Creative: Review of your ad copy and creative elements, assessing their relevance, engagement, and alignment with campaign goals.
  • Landing Page Experience: Review Landing Page performance and user experience to inform recommendations to increase conversions.
  • Competitive Analysis: Analysis of your competitors' paid advertising strategies to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for strategic improvement in your campaigns.

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